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How To Handle Steam Boiler Accident Efficiently


Industrial boiler accident is a serious thing for industry, which will not only affect normal operation of industry, but also affect people’s life. While using industrial steam boiler or hot water boiler, we should know how to handle the common accident.

Steam boiler over-pressure accident

When the pressure of steam boiler is over the rated pressure, some phenomenon will occur, such as the gauge pointer pass over the “red line” but the pressure is still elevated, over-pressure protection device works, steam temperature increases but the vapor flow reduction. All these phenomenon tells that the steam pressure is over a safety value. Then , we should decrease fuel and manually open the safety valve or bleed valve, increase the water supply, while strengthening the blow-down and maintaining normal boiler water level. If the safety valve malfunction or all of the pressure gauge damage, emergency shutdown the boiler. Too fast decreasing pressure is strictly prohibited. A internal and external testing to eliminate the deformation, leakage and other damages caused by the over-pressure and repair defective safety accessories are needed to ensure the normal operation later.

Boiler water shortage accidents

When the boiler is lack of water, the water level is below the minimum safe level line or we can not see the water level, the low water level alarm will work, the super-heater steam temperature rise sharply and above the normal outlet steam temperature, the boiler flue gas temperature rise,  the water flow is less than the steam flow, and so on. When the economizer tubes or boiler tubes break, then the opposite phenomenon will occur. When a severe water shortages occur, we should shut down the boiler, but not feed water to boiler blindly. When the water shortage is not very seriously, we can decrease fuel, send wind, feed water slowly.

Horizontal steam boiler full of water accidents

If the boiler is full of water, some accident will also occur. The water level is higher than the maximum permissible line, or can not see the water level and water table glass is of dark color. High water level and low water level alarm warning signal. The super-heated steam temperature decreased. water flow is greater than normal steam flow. We can get the boiler water is full with these phenomenon. Then, we should rinse water table and determine the boiler is minor or serious full of water. If not serious, stop feeding water and open the drain valve until the boiler get to normal water level. Otherwise, we should shutdown the boiler quickly.

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