How to Ignite Chain Grate Coal Fired Boiler

Chain grate boiler,as one kind of coal fired boiler,experiences the uninterrupted growth and improvement.In the using of traveling grate boiler,the ignition operation is necessary,in the following sections,some knowledge about the ignition will be introduced.

The ignition equipment of chain grate boiler

Spread a thin layer of coal on the grate between the coal gate and rear arch,and pave the firewood and kindling on the coal,then, start the induced draft fan,and keep the furnace negative pressure of chain grate boiler in the range of 10 ~ 30 pa,if necessary,we can stir the fire form the observation door and move the unburnt large piece of wood to the front.

The ignition heating time of chain grate boiler

To avoid the local overheating,nonuniform expansion and the damage the furnace body structure,the ignition heating time of chain grate boiler should be decided according to the structure of traveling grate boiler.

The ignition safety protection measure of chain grate boiler

In order to ensure the safe operation,the chain grate boiler must have a safety valve,for the chain grate boiler having a superheater,the safety valve adjusted according to the lower setting pressure,must be on the superheater to ensure that the safety valve on the superheater starts first.

Chain grate coal fired boilers was developed in the 80s as a new type of fire and water tube boiler,over the past three decades,they have won the high paise form customers at home and aboard because of their significant advantages such as strong adaptability of coal.If you are interested in any of our series, please contact us for more information!

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